Welcome to Formark

Selling NW Logs Globally

Our Company

Forest Marketing Enterprises, Inc. was formed by Robert Hagerman in 1993.  Mr. Hagerman ran the company until his untimely death due to a helicopter crash in August 2007 while showing a private timber sale to some Korean customers.

In 2001, Eric Warren was hired to create a log yard with the objective of increasing log supply by purchasing all northwest log species to the highest value in the best market. We have been very successful in this area and market the logs to a customer base located in China, Japan and Korea as well as to local mills.

The company expanded its operations to the Tacoma area when we opened a small log yard on Port of Tacoma property in 2004.  That operation, both log loading containers and bulk vessels, grew and we continued to relocate to larger facilities within the Port of Tacoma.  It finally became clear to us in 2014 that we needed to find our own land and build a state of the art container loading facility.  The Frederickson Log Yard and Containerization Facility opened in November 2015.

With more than twenty years’ of experience in the log brokerage area, we continue to see a bright future for Formark.  Every day we strive to produce a quality product which earns respect and approval from our ever-growing global customer base and from our local log suppliers.

Our Deep History

Formark was established from a line of hard-working individuals with a passion for the Pacific Northwest and the logging industry. The company existed in the heart of those who created it long before it was put onto paper. Since 1987, the company has survived the ups and downs of the timber market with rock-solid ethics and endurance. We have a great team of individuals who share this foundation, and we look forward to working with you and sharing our expertise.

Our Team

Eric Warren

President and CEO

Don Jaksha

Fredrickson Yard Supervisor